a lively castle of the Middle Ages

Monemvasia is a small island connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land, a bridge that coexists with the sea element of Myrtoos Pelagos. Entering the rock from the only entrance - "the only intervention" from where the name of the city of Monemvasia - begins the journey to the past, from the 6th century that was inhabited until today. The old city of Monemvasia is a lively medieval settlement, preserved in impeccable way. It is a world-renowned monument and a base station for every traveler in the Peloponnese. The atmosphere is magical, full of romance and history. Monuments and churches are scattered in the Castle and an important archaeological collection is housed in the Old Mosque at Elkomenas Christos Square.

The Byzantine fortress of Monemvasia, the poet Ritsos' stone ship, lies at the southeastern edge of the Laconian land, transferring visitors to a dream journey in time and history. Castles and walls, old mansions, narrow cobbled streets, churches, old low arches, arches, coats of arms, marble imperial thrones, Byzantine icons give the impression of a fantastic city that did not touch it over time.

Stadt- und Umgebungsführer

Ursula Katharina Papajoannou
Mavrovouni Ktirakia
23200 Gythio - Greece

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