General Information

about medical care as well about business, services and assosiations in Gythio


Emergency doctor: 166
Fire brigade: 199
Police: 100

In Gytheio there is a national Health Center with 24-hour readiness and a basic staff for general medicine and a pediatrician, as well as rotation doctors from all kinds of disciplines; also a laboratory and an X-ray apparatus (from older years) are available.

Location: Tzanni Tzannetaki Road at google maps
Phone: +30 27330-22001


There are several medical specialists in Gythio with their own practices such as cardiology, pulmonary, ophthalmology and dentistry.

In the above-mentioned Health Center you can ask the contact details for the individual specialists or in one of the pharmacies.


There are four pharmacies in Gythio. They are open from Monday to Friday daily from 8:00 to 14:00, in the afternoon - except Monday and Wednesday - from 17:30 to 21:00.
On Saturdays and Sundays, one of these pharmacies is always on call. Each of the pharmacies informs about the respective duty on notice.

- Lymperi Panagiota, Basileos Pavlou 51, +30 27330-22265,
- Leonidas Kalapodakou, Ermou 19, +30 27330 22600, 27330 22566,
- Giorgos Kalampalikis, Gerasimou Kapsali 30, +30 27330-22131,
- Leonidas Mantrapylias, Basileos Pavlou 43, +30 27330-22219.

Shops and weekly market

Gythio provides a wide range of shops, small ones of course in accordance with the smallness of the town. There are shops for every kind of need, but also for just pretty things.
Supermarkets are currently only two in the city center and another outside in the district Mavrovouni.
Every Friday from 8 to 12 o'clock takes place a weekly market for fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and other local products such as honey, olives and much more. Also, rummage tables with cheap versions of clothes, bags or shoes can be found there.


In Gythio there are There are branches of the following banks with ATM:
- Nathional Bank of Greece,  
- Alpha Bank , Vasileos Georgiou 1 
- Piraeos Bank, Ger. Kapsali.
- Postbank ELTA, Ermou 18 


Of course, Gytheio and its surroundings have a variety of accommodations to list individually, beyond the local scope. A few are advertised under the local advertisements below. Otherwise, we recommend you for your search: for Apartments for Hotels..


In Gythio there are plenty of cafes, taverns - especially special fish taverns - and restaurants. As usual in Greece, one finds the cafes visited only in the morning and in the late afternoon. Lunch time is in Greece between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm and in the evening usually Greeks go out to dinner not before 8:00 pm.
There are also a few bars in the town, where not only young people romp at late-night hours.

Fitness, Wellness, Beauty

In Gytheio there are three gyms, such as the "Olympian Sport Club" with Taekwondo, kick-boxing and body building on offer, another offers aerobics, yoga and various other gymnastic fitness types.

There is also a private school for traditional Greek dances with Aphroditi as an excellent teacher. She can be booked also for private lessons for groups or single persons even at your accommodation.

There is also a beauty and wellness studio in Gythio, offering manicures, pedicures, podiatry, simple and special massages and acupuncture treatments. The studio is called "Evdexia" and the owners Kiki and Katerina are absolutely competent in their specializations.

Animal care and shelter

There is no veterinarian in Gytheio, but in nearby Skala and 45 km away in Sparta. In emergencies, the pharmacist Leonidas Mandrapylia knows how to help. His pharmacy is located on Vasileous-Pavlou Street No. 43, phone +30 27330 22219.

Free-roaming and defenseless dogs and cats get shelter, medicine and food by the association "Melios Animal Protection Society" .
Pet lovers are welcome to support the association by donating money or by contributing actively offering attention, outcome and caress to the animals there.
Location of the shelter is here.

Craftsmen and service provider

In Gythio you can find craftsmen and service providers for all needs.

For home care and garden maintenance there is the company Home-Service-Lakonia, which takes care of your real estate in all respects. See

For Gythio and all of Laconia there is a real estate office under the ownership of a German lady. See

If you are looking for other contacts, you should contact the Gythio Chamber of Commerce, located on the sea side road (Xanthaki 3), Phone: +30 27330 22279. 

Associations and unions

- Bar assocation of Gythio, Phone: +30 27330 24373,

- Trade and professional association of Gythio, +30 27330-21309,

- Maritime Association of Gythio, +30 27330 25451,

- Land of Dance - Cultural Club of Gythio, +30 27330 21009,

- Animal Protection Association "Melios",

Stadt- und Umgebungsführer

Ursula Katharina Papajoannou
Mavrovouni Ktirakia
23200 Gythio - Greece

Landline: +30 27330 24585
Mobile: +30 6978 062353